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“I found that practicing with the Sonix Golf targets makes my practice less like a chore. I’m a feel player, so I’ll spend a good amount of time hitting wedges at targets, trying to get a feel and sensation for specific distances. With Sonix Golf targets, you know when you’ve hit it and I like that feedback.”

Juli Inkster - LPGA Championship: 1999, 2000 U.S. Women's Open Champion: 1999, 2002 U.S. Women's Amateur 1980, 1981, 1982, World Golf Hall of Fame U.S. Curtis Cup Team: 1982 U.S. Solheim Cup Team: 1992,1998 to 2011

“I love the immediate auditory feedback you get when you hit the Sonix Golf Target. — the sound anchors success. You can use these targets to set specific, measurable goals that can simulate the pressure a golfer feels in competition. By mastering the pressure of attaining your goals with the Sonix Golf targets on the range, success on the golf course will follow.”

Dale Lynch - Australian PGA Coach of the Year in 2000, 2006 Australian Golf Digest Coach of the year

“On days when we can’t make it to the course or range, having a Sonix Golf target in the backyard provides a great solution for our wedge practice. Using the target is fun for our entire family of varied golf abilities and, of course, age.”

Scott McNealy - Wayin, Founder Sun Microsystems, Founder & CEO Top Ranked CEO Golfer - Golf Digest

Sonix golf targets provide a tool for a Tour Player to a new golfer a device for instant feedback and positive reinforcement during a practice or warm-up session. The audio feedback allows for reinforcement in learning distance and directional control. Sonix golf targets have improved my academy areas and have made me a better coach for all players.

Tim Mahoney - One of "America's Top 50 Greatest Teachers", Golf Digest Golf Magazine "Top 100 Teachers" for more than a decade.

“Sonix Golf targets are fun! We all like to get rewarded for good shots and the sound says it all. Distance control is the key to scoring and Sonix targets make practicing distance control a blast, pun intended!”

Josh Zander - Voted one of Top-20 Teachers under the age of 40 in America 2007 by Golf Digest

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