Sonix Golf


how to buy sonix golf targets

Vinyl pricing:

  1. $595/target with a 4.5 square foot logo
  2. $620/target with a 6.75 square foot logo
  3. $575/target, no logo

Magnet pricing:

  1. $675/target (includes a 4.5 square foot magnet)
color choices for the golf targets

All order processing and sales will be conducted via phone or email. Send us an email ([email protected]) or give us a call (303.955.5545) to help you with the best configuration of targets for your specific situation.

  1. Choose face color (white, black, red, and navy)
  2. Choose logo material and size
  3. Call or email us with questions or to finalize your purchase.
Made in the USA flag

Sonix Golf Targets are proudly made and assembled in the United States

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