Great for Enhancing Your Customers Enjoyment and Advertising!

  • “Caroline, You are right, the Sonix targets sell more balls! Kids stand on the line blowing through buckets trying to beat their buddies. And the adults are no different!”

    Blair Philp
    Owner, Pruneridge Golf Club
    Santa Clara, California
  • Sonix Difference for Ranges

    • Collapsible handle and wheels that allow for quick and easy relocation and storage.
    • Durable enough to withstand most weather conditions.
    • Extremely sturdy construction of heavy gauge sheet metal.
    • Adjustable to accommodate different angles of descent.
    • The only golf target that produces instant visual and auditory feedback.
  • Sonix Benefits for Ranges

    • Have more FUN & Sell more balls
      Patrons of all ages and abilities love to hit the targets. Set up games & competitions to win shop credit or merchandise.
    • Create a new revenue stream.
      Sell advertising in set intervals or for weekly outings. Advertisers will have the captive attention of their target audience.
    • Make distance identification easier.
      Take the guess-work out of target distances by placing yardage identifying Sonix Golf Targets at specific intervals.
    • Provide greater visual stimulation to better engage your patrons.
      Break-up the monochromatic expanse of your practice facility with colorful, customized targets. Hold the attention of your patrons for longer periods.