How to Purchase

Made In USA
Sonix Golf Targets are proudly made and assembled in the United States
All order processing and sales will be conducted via phone or email. Once you have made the decision to enhance your driving range, practice facility or private instruction range with Sonix Golf Targets give us a call to help you with the best configuration of targets for your specific situation.
  1. Choose face color (Color Options presented below)
  2. Choose logo material and size
  3. Call or email us with questions or to finalize your purchase.

Logo Types and Sizes

All targets include a standard-sized vinyl or magnetic logo. The vinyl logos are die cut and intended to be semi-permanent.


The magnetic logos are a better solution if you need to remove them more regularly, i.e. switching out weekly advertising on your range or tournament sponsor changes from year to year. The magnetic logos offer the flexibility to adapt your targets to meet all of your advertising needs.

For standard size logos, we'll choose the optimal shaped graphic based on your logo design (standard sizes are 18"x32", 32"x18", 24"x24"). For an additional fee, you can choose to upgrade your logo size.


Vinyl pricing is as follows:
  1. $440/each with standard logo (4sq')
  2. $415/each for two or more with a standard logo (4sq')
  3. $390/each for eight or more with a standard logo (4sq')
  4. $390/each without logos
  5. Upgraded logo (6sq') are an additional $25/target

Magnet pricing is as follows:
  1. $450/target