Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Sonix Golf target cost?
  • $525/target with a standard-sized logo
  • $550/target with an XL-sized logo
  • $560/target with a standard-sized MAGNETIC logo
  • $500/target without a logo
Is there a college discount?
We do not offer discounts.
How much does a target weigh?
Each target weighs approximately 70 lbs.
What is the diameter of the target?
Each target is approximately 4’ in diameter.
What sizes are available?
We only offer Sonix Golf targets in one size, 4’ diameter; however, we’re in the process of designing 12” mini-targets for personal use which will be available soon.
What logos can I put on the target?
As long as we have been granted permission, we can put any logo of your choosing on the targets.
Can I send our logo as a .jpg or .pdf file?
No. Logos must be sent as a vector file in either .eps or .ai formatting. This allows us to scale your logo proportionally without distortion of the pixels.
Are there additional set-up charges for multiple logos?
There are no additional charges for different logos, colors, etc.
How big are the logos?
A standard size logo is approximately 24” X 24” or 18” h/w X 32” h/w. We’ll determine the appropriate orientation for your graphic. For an additional $25 you can upgrade your logo to either 30” X 30” or 24” w/h X 36” w/h.
How much is shipping?
All Sonix Golf targets are shipped from the Detroit area so shipping costs vary depending on your location. Because of their size, we ship the targets via freight. A shipping estimate can be obtained by providing us with your zip code and number of targets desired.
Do you ship internationally?
How long from purchase time can I expect delivery?
From the time we receive properly formatted logos – vector files – you can expect delivery within 3 - 3.5 weeks (as long as the target color is in stock; if not, add an additional two weeks)
Will golf balls damage the target?
The face is 14 gauge sheet metal, which is about as thick as we could get without making the overall weight too heavy. Considering most impacts are from higher lofted clubs, ball speed at the point of impact is relatively low. The targets will eventually get pock marks but those will not affect the functionality of the target.
Will the target damage our golf balls?
Sonix Golf targets shouldn’t damage the balls. Think about club head speed at impact with the ball versus ball speed at impact with the target, no comparison. The act of hitting the ball would create more wear on the ball than the impact with the target.
Will the sun fade the target?
All faces are powder coated, which is an advanced method of applying a colored finish. These surfaces are more resistant to chipping, fading and wearing than most other finishes. Plus, it’s a more environmentally friendly product, as it doesn’t contain polluting solvents.
Will the sun fade the logo?
The vinyl adhesives are a high performance vinyl and are specifically designed for exterior usage with the primary applications being vehicle and watercraft wraps. They're designed to weather the elements, however over time they may need to be replaced.
How loud is it when a ball strikes the target?
Have you ever heard a ball hit a range picker? It’s similar. The Sonix Golf target definitely makes a bang. You can hear what it sounds like when you click on our different tabs.
Should I choose a vinyl or magnetic logo?
Vinyls are semi-permanent and are a good choice for your club, university, or organization logo. The magnetic logos are a great application for temporary signage. The idea behind the magnets is for short-term solutions such as demo days, corporate outings, fixed-term advertising. The magnets shouldn't stay on the targets 24/7 for long periods of time.
Are the targets easy to move?
The dynamic design requires only minimal effort to relocate the ~70 lb target. A retractable steel handle allows for easy maneuverability from one location to the next. Durable turf tires provide excellent traction as well as protecting the turf from damage.
Do the targets come assembled?
Sonix Golf targets are delivered mostly assembled although we will send directions for you to put together the axle and wheel assembly.
At what angle does the target sit?
Adjustable legs enable you to vary the face angle to 30°, 45° and virtually flat – the flatter the face angle, the more surface area to hit.
Can the targets stay on the range for extended periods?
Sonix Golf targets are constructed of heavy gauge galvanized sheet metal, galvanized steel tubing, and galvanized nuts and bolts. Galvanized steel is used to protect the structure from elements that normally would lead to corrosion & oxidation – rust.
How far from the tee line should the targets be placed?
Sonix Golf targets should be placed no closer than 50 yards from the tee line. For the best functionality, targets should be no more than 125 yards. If you’re using the targets primarily for distance identification, they can be placed as far out as you’d like.